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Jones Winery & Vineyard Old Tawny



Tasting Notes

Lovely aged fortified and chocolate, coffee and toffee complexity with fabulous length of flavours and a luscious, mouth-filling malty chocolate flavoured finish that just lingers on…

Winemaking Notes

Shiraz is the basis of this old tawny fortified wine. The grapes are picked when they are fully ripe but not overripe. They are then fermented until the desired sugar level is reached. After pressing the wine is then fortified using neutral grape spirit and aged in our old wooden vats before being blended and bottled. Average age 25 years Alc 18.0%, cellaring none.

Food Matches

By itself, or with a coffee and dark chocolate.

Drinking Tip

In your favourite chair after a wonderful meal (with the happy sound of your partner doing the washing up!)