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Jones Winery & Vineyard Apero



Tasting Notes

A quirky fortified white wine with light hazelnut and pear fruit with uplifted notes from clean spirit. Long and fresh with lovely weight on the middle palate, this wine has a complex and clean finish.

Winemaking Notes

This wine is made from our Trebbiano and Pedro Ximenez grapes grown in the oldest part of our vineyard. The grapes are picked as ripe as possible, pressed and fermented until the desired sugar level is reached. The wine is then fortified using neutral grape spirit and aged in our old wooden vats before being blended and bottled. Alc 21.0%, cellaring none.

Food Matches

My favorite way of drinking this wine is chilled or simply over ice as an aperitif. But it is more versatile than that going great with tangy tasty and blue cheese and desserts that are not too sweet, such as an apple strudel or pear tart.

Drinking Tips

Sharing and enjoying whilst helping with the cooking in a happy home kitchen.